Intro   Introduction, Links to YouTube Videos and more.

Prefix  Goals for this information and a little history.

Description  General Overview of the Cricket.

Hardware  Pictures and a discussion about each assembly of the Cricket.

Air Circuit Connections and Air Flow Diagrams  Illustrations of components, hose and fitting connections and airflow.

Air Circuit Components and Interactions… The Short Story  A very abbreviated discussion of the Air Circuit components and interactions.

Air Circuit Components and Interactions… The Long Story  A detailed description of each component, what its function is, its internal design and its interactions with other components. 

Component List Manufacturer part numbers, pictures and sources of original Cricket components.

Technical Descriptions  This section provides information explaining how features work and/or why things happen that are not fully explained elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions  Answers to questions you may have.

Glossary  My definitions for terms used on this website.

Operations  User Manual for the Cricket.

Component Selection Issues  Information to help decide what components to your for YOUR Cricket.

Air Circuit Interview  Another discussion about the Cricket Air Circuit.... Presented in an interview format.

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