These pages will introduce you to the Cricket, show you how to build it and explain how the Air Circuit works....  INDEX 


Cricket Air Hammer   This link will take you to a Facebook Group dedicated to the Cricket Air Hammer.


Cricket Forum   This link will take you to a Cricket Forum. 

The forum should be used for discussion and questions about the Cricket.  This will consolidate information, make it easy to find and facilitate you and others when it is desirable to search for specific topics that may have been discussed in the past.

Users will have to register to post on the Forum.


Watching Videos...

Click on the links to the left to watch the Cricket Videos (there are also links within each associated sections of these pages).  A new window will come up with the video.  When videos are done, YouTube generally starts a follow-on Video.  If you do not wish to watch the follow-on video, just close the window.


Personal Copy of Documents and Videos

All Cricket Information concerning learning how to build, operate and understand the Air Circuit is on this website at no charge.

If you want to support my development efforts and/or are interested in obtaining a personal copy of this information, there will soon be a DVD containing all the build videos and a copy of the Cricket Air Circuit and Operations document available for a nominal cost through this website (the document will contain information from the Cricket pages). 

The cost will be nominal to recover development expenses for this project.  Requests for copies may initially be made by using the Contact Link on the Home Page (Please include your name, email address, phone number and mailing address).  


Gallery of Crickets

When others build their versions of the Cricket, if they wish to participate, I will create a Gallery with pictures of their hammers.

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